Recycling: With just a little effort we can keep so much more out of our landfill.

Our city recycling programs are busy removing plastics and paper from the landfill, here are some ideas of where you can take other recyclable items.


  • Omnisource in Defiance, 419-784-5669
  • Okolona Iron & Metal in Napoleon, 419-758-3701
  • Lowe’s in Defiance (will take old when purchase new), 419-782-9000

 Cell Phones & Tablets:

  • EcoATM inside of Kroger in Defiance, 858-255-4111
  • Defiance County Environmental Services (cell phones only), 419-782-5442


  • Best Price Computers, LLC in Defiance, 419-784-9989
  • DR Computers in Defiance, 419-782-2983
  • Best Buy in Toledo, 419-471-1411

Metals and Aluminum:

  • Omnisource in Defiance, 419-784-5669
  • Northwest Recycling in Bryan, 419-636-9141
  • WiltonKeck Recycling and Shredding in Bryan, 419-633-7372;
  • Zacks Recycling in Napoleon, 419-592-4791
  • Okolona Iron & Metal in Napoleon (big metals only), 419-758-3701
  • Kohart Surplus & Salvage in Paulding, 419-399-4144

 Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Cans:

 For a complete how to recycle alphabetic list of Household Hazardous waste (HHW) including batteries go to:

To learn more about other environmental services programs go to

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