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The city of Defiance is implementing a number of Green Infrastructure projects to conserve and preserve our natural resources and support cleaner water.

Urban Forestry: Putting our trees to work

Trees are an important component of any green infrastructure project. Enabling urban tree growth through use of Silva Cell makes it possible to improve water quality.

The stormwater from Diehl Park is being filtered through Silva Cells in the parking lot and then into a separate storm sewer system that connects to a bioretention basin where deep-rooted native plants are working to “Slow It Down, Spread It Out, Soak It In”.

Silva Cells

  • Are modular plastic frames designed to support traffic loads, allowing for a suspended pavement in parking lotsand streets.
  • Prevent soil from getting compacted around tree roots, allowing for large tree growth and on-site stormwater management.
  • Make it possible to grow large canopy, mature trees within the confines of a parking lot.

This combination of green infrastructure practices means that there is no longer a connection from Diehl Park into the combined sewer system.

Read more about the Diehl Park project.

In addition to helping cool and clean the air and provide beauty to the community, mature trees consume large volumes of water through soil storage, interception and evapotranspiration. A large quantity of planting soil provides ideal conditions for tree growth to occur and also provides storage for additional stormwater.

Trees provide an abundance of economic, social and environmental benefits. A city’s tree canopy can significantly reduce stormwater runoff and save millions of dollars in drainage infrastructure needs. A healthy level of urban tree canopy is around 40 percent. The City of Defiance is in the process of creating an inventory of existing street trees and subsequently developing a Master Planting Plan.

This project was financed in part through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund.

This project was financed in part through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund.

A large oak tree can transpire 40,000 gallons of water annually. (USGS)

Rain Gardens

The City of Defiance and Defiance SWCD have partnered with public entities to install three public rain gardens in Defiance county.  These rain gardens were designed with native plants as demonstration sites to inspire more rain gardens. The gardens can be viewed in Defiance at the public library parking lot, in Hicksville at the corner of Arthur and Main, and in Sherwood at the Apache Dairy Bar.

Rain gardens and bio-retention/infiltration devices allow about 30 percent more water to soak into the ground compared to a conventional lawn. These native plant gardens enhance groundwater recharge, reduce stormwater runoff and pollution, while attracting birds, butterflies and beneficial pollinators at the same time.

Through the Land to Lake initiative, at least 79 private and public rain gardens have been planted throughout the county!   Explore Rain Gardens!

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