Land to Lake 2015 Conference Presentations


Rain Gardens are an easy way to beautify your yard and the world while contributing to a clean lake.

Plant A Rain Garden

Rain gardens and bioretention/infiltration devices allow about 30 percent more water to soak into the ground compared to a conventional lawn. These native plant gardens enhance groundwater recharge and reduce stormwater runoff and pollution while attracting birds, butterflies and beneficial pollinators.


Good Reference Sites:

Fort Wayne’s Rain Garden Program – CatchingRainFW.org

Toledo-Lucas County Rain Garden Initiative – Raingardeninitiative.org

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – Ohio native plants

Install a Rain Barrel


  • Rain barrels and cisterns are an effective way to store the rain that runs off rooftops or other impervious surfaces allowing for waqter to be used later, during dry periods, to water plants, trees and gardens.



You do not need to travel to faraway places for outdoor adventures when we have opportunities in our own backyard!


Kayaking on the Maumee

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What does your yard say about you? We all want a safe environment for our family; starting with lawn care is an important step that also contributes to a healthy lake.

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Need professional help installing your rain garden?

These local contacts have participated in Land to Lake Rain Garden Workshop for Professional Landscapers:

  • Jon DeMuth- jdemuth@defnet.com
    B.E. Mangas & Son LLC Construction & Landscaping
    28611 State Route 281, Defiance, Ohio 43512, 419-438-0019
  • Mark Shininger
    Marking Outdoors Inc. 419-769-0207