Make A Difference

Ways YOU can help us clean up our local water supply and improve our natural environment:

Explore Your Watershed

You do not need to travel to faraway places for outdoor adventures when we have opportunities in our own backyard! Explore these places… Defiance City Parks and Local Places...

Explore Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are an easy way to beautify your yard and the world while contributing to a clean lake. Plant A Rain Garden Rain gardens and bioretention/infiltration devices allow...

MORE ways to clean up our local water supply and improve our natural environment:

Take the '1 Foot Challenge'!

Here's an easy way to 'start small' and make a big difference for pollinators:  1-Foot-Challenge.pdf

Add Native Plants to Your Landscape

red osier dogwood

Natives grow in a wonderful, wild, changing rainbow of colors and foliage all season long. Luckily, we have the opportunity to restore these native plants to our landscapes and enjoy their diverse beauty. Native plants can be incorporated into the landscape in
functional and aesthetic applications, including riparian/streambank areas for erosion control, floodplain and wetland areas, rain gardens and bioretention areas for water quality and flood control as well as landscape borders and beds for beauty and habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife. The large-scale use of natives for ecosystem restoration is also becoming more common, thanks to partnerships between non-profit and government agencies promoting pollinator habitat.


Plant A Tree

Tree Planting 2Trees provide an abundance of economic, social and environmental benefits. A city's tree canopy can significantly reduce stormwater runoff and save millions of dollars in drainage infrastructure needs. A healthy level of urban tree canopy is around 40 percent. Adding trees to your home landscaping improves the environment, adds beauty, and can even increase your property value.


More Ways to Make a Positive Difference:

  • Pick-up Pet Waste
  • Maintain Your Septic System
  • Support Your Local Municipality’s Sewer Upgrades
  • Farmers Can Follow “Best Management” Practices
  • Volunteer To Help With Stream Monitoring Or Other Conservation Projects

For information on Volunteer opportunities, please phone 419.782.1794

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